Our Story

Club Camomile is a design company from Helsinki, Finland. We are two old friends, who want to make beautiful things and do some good while we’re at it. We started playing with the idea of our own design company in 2018, trying to figure out what we wanted to make and how could we make it a reality. Club Camomile launched its online store on October 1st, 2019.

The name is an inside joke that has something to do with getting older and not consuming caffeine in the evening. Camomile is our cup of tea.

We’re Club Camomile, but you can join the club, too! Here’s how the club works: Do you want to be in it? You’re in it. You don’t have to buy anything or even tell anyone. We’re just happy to have you.

Our design concept is simple; “Designs With Stories”. Everything we design has a story behind it. Whether it’s something real, something mythical or something silly, there’s always something more than a pretty picture on a Club Camomile product. We still make sure all the products have pretty pictures on them, too, of course.

A significant portion of Club Camomile products are charity products. The design reflects a problem, a cause or a theme, which we can all help with by giving a little. In the price of each charity product, we’ve included a 1€ cut to an applicable charity, based on the theme of the design. We always match your donation, so that we, together with you, give 2€ to charity for every charity product sold.

Products designed by Club Camomile are ethically produced from sustainable materials and printed to order, so that nothing is wasted.

Welcome to the club! We’re happy to have you!

Noora & Mikko
Club Camomile